Fly fishing is an angling method whose name derives from specific artificial baits built in a way that resembles every life stage of both water insects (the ones originating, growing up, reproducing and terminating their existence in water) and so-called terrestrial insects such as ants, grasshoppers, wasps, etc.

In any case, the lure is called “fly” even though it imitates other creatures constituting part of a fish diet, such as other fish species, shrimps, etc.


Adriano Mineo

At this point, I can maintain that I have a considerable experience both in the nymphs and dried flies tying. I got a victory at the Villa Guidini Cup 2013.

Alex Vallerotonda

I participated in the Bisenzio Trophy in 2009, contributed to the book "Fly patterns by fishing guides" by Tony Lolli, and I am the Mosca Club Basso Lazio member.

Allan Liddle

I have been a regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for over 20 years and I’m also a current member of the Partridge of Redditch Pro Fly Tying Team tying regularly at shows throughout the UK and Ireland.

Andrea Gasparini

I was one of the founders of the "El cogol" club in Pozzuolo del Friuli. I participated and won several construction trophies, among which the Bisenzio Trophy, the Lombardy Grand Prix and Villa Tinin.

Caroline Emmet

I began fly fishing and fly tying almost twenty years ago, shortly after I met my husband, Chris Reeves.

Chris Reeves

I started tying my own flies some 30 years ago. I was self taught and quickly realised the value of good instruction.

David Gourong

I go around different fly fishing clubs in my region to give fly tying demos and courses especially on predator flies.

Enrico Fantasia

I practice the "loch style” above all, the traditional Irish system of fishing on the big lakes. As a result, my flies are inspired by the Irish tradition.

Fabio Mauri

I feel grateful towards the most creative and engaging fishing technique I have ever known.

Federico Renzi

I work with Mosca & Spinning and I started to publish articles for the English magazine Fly Fishing & Fly Tying this year.

Giovanni De Pace

Fly Tying and fly fishing are two inseparable activities for me, that give life to one great passion.

Hans Van Klinken

I enjoy sharing my knowledge about fly-fishing and fly-tying. I'm particularly skilled in the taking of Atlantic salmon and grayling on dry flies.

Karim Carloni

I am the official fishing guide in Slovenia and in Italy (AIGUPP) and I am supported by Hanák. I tie flies experimenting with new dressing.

Luca Barosselli

My flies go through different techniques, from traditional to modern ones with the use of every kind of materials available.

Marco Clari

I practice what is called "Alternative Flyfishing", that is fishing many fish species, both in fresh water and in the sea from the boat.

Stefano Tieri

Sono Stefano di Pescara, ho 33 anni, sono cresciuto nell'ambiente dei pescatori sportivi ed ho iniziato successivamente a pescare a mosca. 

Stelio Di Manno

Today I'm an instructor at the SIM school and I belong to the Fly 90 Versilia club. I wrote some articles for the magazine "La Pesca Mosca e Spinning".

Walter Luzi

Walter Luzi ha iniziato a pescare con la mosca finta e la coda di topo nel 1983, autodidatta nella costruzione e nel lancio. 

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